Flava™ beta

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Take Flava.

A private journal you can’t lose or drop in a fountain.

Capture easily

Keep records of ideas in your head, picture of delicious dishes, list of tasteful restaurants, moments shared with beloved ones, and even web link you want to save for later. You can easily capture them with your mobile device, in your choice of content formats.

Organize beautifully

What you’ve captured gets chronologically organized in a timeline that only you can have an access to. You can add more arrangement to your captured contents using various tags. You can either apply pre-assigned thematic icon tags or freely assign text tags yourself.

Recall quickly

You can quickly and selectively bring up just your photos or records related only to specific icon tags by simply touching on icon buttons. With just a single touch, you can turn your timeline into a diary, a tasty note, a travel journal or a family photo album.